Our Business

Joscelyne + Associates, Inc works with organizations worldwide on internal auditing quality issues; enterprise-wide risk and control issues and impact, treasury operations and ethics benchmarking through review, facilitated discussions and training.


Our Areas of Expertise

Internal Auditing Assurance

Our team will review your organization’s current internal auditing operations and impact, its business strategy and infrastructure, employee professional performance, etc. We’ll evaluate the overall current health of your internal auditing function; identify potential opportunities, risks and threats; and assess maturity using international benchmarks. Our aim is to ensure that professional standards are not only met, but surpassed to improve business performance.

Enterprise Risk Management and Control

Based on the organization’s business objectives and strategy, we’ll help you develop a framework that mitigates ‘unhealthy’ risks and shows how ‘healthy’ risks can be exploited to meet key business objectives. We work with the internal auditing, compliance, and ethics functions to assess coverage and overall impact of their work on effective risk management.

Ethics Benchmarking

We’ll help you establish parameters for corporate conduct based on international governance good practices and benchmarks.

Board Audit Committee Assessments

Based on good governance practice, we’ll design and deliver an effective self-assessment tool for Audit Committee purposes. We facilitate discussions on performance leading to an appropriate scope of work and greater impact at the Board level. Our Audit Committee training covers legal and governance requirements, introduces global best practices, and helps the Committee have greater impact on the functions they oversee as well as at the Board.

How We Work

We will:

  • Design to your needs, creating a team of professionals who really understands your business.
  •  Tailor our approach based on facilitated discussions where our team will listen to your issues and challenge you, as well as through our own research. The results—focused, pragmatic options for you to work with.
  • Ensure that we will follow ethical practices and practice confidentiality.
  • Bring a global perspective to suit your needs.

Our Client List

Joscelyne + Associates, Inc., has worked with multiple organizations throughout the years.

  • The World Bank
  • International Finance Corporation
  • Inter-American Development Bank
  • African Development Bank
  • Caribbean Development Bank
  • UNDP
  • International Atomic Energy Agency
  • United Nations Organization
  • Old Mutual
  • Bank of Montreal
  • The Mr. Price Group
  • Institutes of Internal Auditors
  • Reserve Bank of Malawi
  • Central Bank of Seychelles



Central Bank Capacity Building

The Central Bank plays a critical role in the economic life of smaller nations. The primary objectives of the bank are to promote price stability and to ensure that the economy remains healthy.



Making Informed Decisions to Improve Accountability

The United Nations decision-making deliberations are unique. Administrative matters are complex and each country representative needs to understand the substance of the issues that are being voted on.


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